Commission a Realistic Portrait Drawing

If you’d like to commission a realistic art portrait drawing of your loved one or favorite subject, here are some things to know about the process…

  • Reference Photos

  • Pricing

  • Payments

  • delivery

Quality Photo = Happy Customer

I want your drawing to be beautiful and look like the person, animal or object you value enough to display in your home. The quality of your photograph is directly related to the level of detail in the finished drawing and how closely the drawing resembles your loved one.

What makes a good photograph?

When you zoom into the photo on your computer or phone, you should be able to see the hairs on your pet's face. The eyes on a person or pet should be clear and focused. Regretfully, in my experience small photo prints do not work well, as I have to guess at most of the detail. Here's an example of a poor vs. clear, well-lit photo taken with an average cell phone:


DIY Photo Tips

With today's phones, you may be able to get a great photograph on your own. There are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Resolution - Put your phone's camera settings on the highest resolution possible.
  • Focus - Tap the screen in your subject to focus the camera before you take the photo.
  • Lighting - Take the photo outside on a cloudy/partly cloudy day or inside by a bright window. It's often beautiful to have the light shine on the side of the face. If the day is bright and sunny, try to find some light shade. Just make sure the light source is not behind the subject.
  • Compostion - Try to take the photo at eye level with the subject. While zooming in or getting closer to the subject will ensure more detail, make sure to include the chest and shoulders in the shot.

Photo Sitting Sessions

If you'd rather have me take the photos, I'm happy to schedule a photography session for a $100 fee at a location in the west Georgia/Atlanta area. Outside of that area, additional travel fees apply. Contact me for a quote.

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