About Us

Evertree Studio is a west Georgia-based family of creatives, who try to create something beautiful and/or useful everyday. We enjoy portrait drawing, stained glass, teaching, videography, photography, and web design, with an occasional textile project thrown in for variety. Many of the projects you'll see here were commissioned, but others are the result of creative impulse. Whatever we do, we try to knock it out of the park.

Amy Watts

Thankfully my wonderful parents were nuts enough to let their young, teen-aged daughter take a 3-hour daily commute to downtown Miami's Design & Architecture Senior High for three years. It was a rigorous program of drafting, design, collaborative projects, and peer critique. I then attended University of Georgia for a Fine Art degree in Textile Design. Yes, I actually took a course called "Basket Weaving." I embroidered, crocheted, sewed, spun and dyed fibers, wove on looms and screen printed. It was heaven.

But my senior year I was lured away by an apprenticeship at a stained-glass shop. After graduation I continued full-time for eight years at glass studios in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Each studio targeted a different clientele, so I was able to work on varied projects from budget residential windows to large-scale church and commercial jobs using hand-blown, imported glass. I gathered valuable experience crafting hundreds of windows, including fabricating many stained-glass windows for Disney's Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, CA.

For years most of my drawings were floor plans and stained-glass patterns, however I had always been able to draw in a realistic style as well. On a whim in 2012 I drew a charcoal portrait of my daughter, which over the course of a couple years led to dozens of portrait commissions, Atlanta art festivals (see silly pic here), awards and teaching. I've since added color with soft pastel painting. But then necessity directed my focus to technology.

My husband owns an IT business and needed a website. I'd already been using AutoCAD for stained glass-pattern drafting and graphics software to produce prints of my drawings. I took on the challenge and found web design to be a creatively engrossing, useful skill that can help people grow their businesses. I have been teaching an on-going realistic drawing class at the Carrollton Center for the Arts for the past three years. When I'm not working on an art or design project, I enjoy cooking and spending time in west Georgia with my husband, two daughters, and family, four rambunctious dogs, and one chill cat.