Still Life Drawings

Have a favorite subject matter you would like hand-drawn in the style of high realism? I take the same attention to detail I pour into my portraits and use it to create photo-realistic still life drawings. Some of my favorites are rendering glass and metal, but as always I'm drawn to objects in nature as well.

Any of the still life drawings seen in this gallery can be produced as an art print. Do you have an idea you'd like drawn in charcoal? I'd love to talk!

Still Life Gallery


"Potter's Hands," Charcoal, 2018



"Stick Figure," Charcoal, 2019. People envariably tell me they can "only draw stick figures," so I decided to draw a literal stick figure from materials gathered in the woods. Leaf drawn from purchased stock photo by Christopher Ewing.



"Wine, Cheese & Walnuts," Charcoal, 2013 - drawn from purchased stock photo by Rido



"Ornaments," Graphite, 1994 - my college Drawing final when I was 19! Drawn from Christmas ornaments on the living room floor.